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Welcome to Nickie Maddaford Equestrian

Welcome to Nickie Maddaford Equestrian. As an advanced dressage rider/coach, an NLP Master Coach and as a Qualified Personal Trainer focusing on rider core strength, balance and co-ordination, I understand the highs and lows of sport. It never ceases to amaze me how hard our bodies have to work when riding horses when seemingly we are doing very little. Working with clients to prepare their minds and bodies for riding, I find very rewarding. As a rider, I understand what our bodies and minds need to be able to do when riding in any discipline. Having ridden my horses in WOW saddles for some time I have seen first hand the difference they can make to both horse and rider. It was therefore a natural progression for me to become a WOW saddle fitter.

As a Personal Trainer, a coach or fitting a WOW saddle, I thrive on bringing all elements together to look at the entire picture with different eyes. It is amazing to be able to make a difference and enable you to achieve your optimum performance. 

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About Nickie Maddaford

Away from horses I love taking my dogs on daily walks, I am a keen cyclist and runner with a passion for building core and total body strength. 

After a fractured neck following a riding accident my comeback was tough (mentally and physically), so I understand the highs/lows of recovery, fitness and the maintenance of this. I love the feeling of being strong and fit for both day-to-day life and riding my horses. As a person I have a great sense of humour, am analytical and love thinking outside of the box to find solutions. I believe there is always a way around something to get to where you want to be! 

My previous life was a successful career in the pharmaceutical industry which gave me broad experience of different countries, people and project management. I am not one to stand still so I am always looking at how to expand my knowledge and skill base.

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Nickie Maddaford Equestrian Services

Looking at things from all angles

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Celebrating Performance and Success!

As a qualified Personal Trainer and Nutritional Adviser my aim is to help you to improve your health and fitness, set achievable goals and help you to be the person you want to be. I enjoy working with all types of clients and believe it or not exercise can be fun! 

Whether you want to lose weight, improve strength and body shape, improve your sport performance or ride your horse better, I will create you a bespoke fitness program, keep you motivated and guide you to achieve your goals. 

▪️ Level 3 Personal Training, Exercise Programming and Coaching ▪️ Nutrition and Weight Management Advisor

▪️ Behaviour Change Coach ▪️ Advanced Resistance Trainer ▪️ Functional Equipment Trainer ▪️ Kettlebell Trainer

▪️ Level 2 Gym Instructor

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Maximising performance for horse and rider!

Is your horse……

▪️ Stiff on one rein, heavy in the contact, showing changes in behaviour and/or performance?

▪️ Not as forward or free through the shoulder as you would like?

🔺 Do you ever feel not quite in the correct position or secure in your saddle? 

🔺 Are you wanting that little bit extra in performance? 

A consultation with me looks at the whole picture with different eyes. As a WOW saddle fitter I focus on a harmonious connection between you and your horse, to provide ultimate comfort for both horse and rider. With WOW saddles there are endless combinations and adjustments available to get optimum performance from both of you. 

With my Personal Trainer hat on I work with riders of all levels/disciplines and see daily the effect horses have on rider symmetry and vise versa. Does it come from the rider, the horse or both? A saddle has to join horse and rider together in harmony and I love working with riders to understand and help resolve any issues or abnormalities.  The ultimate aim is a symmetrical happy horse and rider, working with WOW saddles offers so many holistic solutions to achieve this!

▪️ Approved WOW Saddle Fitter 


▪️ Gloucestershire ▪️ Worcestershire ▪️ North Wiltshire ▪️ Bristol ▪️ North Somerset ▪️ Oxfordshire ▪️ Warwickshire 

▪️ Northamptonshire

*if your area is not mentioned please contact me to discuss *

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Utilise your mind for optimum performance!

Most people that engage in a sporting activity of any kind know that the body affects the mind and the mind affects the body. This is true for amateur or professional. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques when used in sports and performance, help us to manage our mind to enable us to be in the best possible mental state. It’s the icing on the cake, the difference between winning and coming second, the difference between winning and winning with confidence,or the difference between coming second and having the mindset to learn from that to be better. The ability to utilise and manage your attitude is fundamental to your success!

NLP Coaching is a form of Sports Psychology providing the tools and techniques to manage your internal state of mind to bring out peak performance. Being pre-occupied consciously or subconsciously will and does affect your performance. Often all the focus is on improving fitness and technical ability but understanding, challenging and changing any limiting beliefs, behaviours and inner voices will have a dramatic effect on you. Sport can spark many emotions be them frustration, anger or elation, and the ability to manage these will give you a distinct advantage. No matter what you do every one of us has desire, passion and drive in common. Our beliefs and values run our behaviour and psychology both on a conscious and subconscious level, but do they work for us or against us? Having them aligned to our goals and the results we desire is key to achieving your peak performance and being the best possible version of yourself!

The closer you become to your peak performance, the more important your mindset becomes. If your head isn’t in the right place then neither will your performance be. Our minds are the best computers ever designed so if you want to challenge and change your thought processes and beliefs, to quiet that inner voice and to change behaviour patterns, then get in touch. 

Be that person that successfully achieves their goals and dreams! 

▪️ Master NLP Coach ▪️ NLP Practitioner ▪️ Behaviour Change Coach

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